What is Discovery POI MAP ?

A Discovery POI MAP® is a colorful, hand-drawn map of the local area distributed free to area visitors at travel information and rest areas as well as business locations. Each map highlights local attractions and things to do, restaurants, accommodations, retail shops, real estate and other services. Each advertiser on the map is represented with a display ad on the perimeter of the map, including a color-coded grid locator and the actual building hand-drawn, highlighted and labeled, making it easy to locate.

What makes this a business opportunity for me ?

  • Discovery POI MAP . is a franchise business. Our franchise business model is simple and straightforward:
  • You are awarded the rights to an exclusive DPOI map and territory.
  • You sell advertising space on your physical and electronic map media.
  • You submit your advertising information to DPOI design and publication offices.
  • DPOI support staff design and produce your custom ad in both print and digital form.
  • DPOI sends the completed map to your approved print vendor.
  • You receive the maps in bulk and distribute them to DPOI map display cases strategically located throughout your territory.
  • You keep the racks full and await your next annual sales cycle to continue to grow your DPOI franchise business and your profits!

How do I make money?

Your job as a franchise owner will be to sell advertising on your map and manage its distribution. Your profit is the difference between your gross sales and the cost of printing your maps, royalties and business operation expenses. However, you will have very little overhead, operating out of a home-based business and not needing to purchase inventory or hire staff.

Am I a good fit?

At Discovery POI MAP , we are very discriminating in awarding franchise licenses, as we do so only to candidates who meet our time-tested qualifications.The characteristics that we consistently see in our high performers are the following:

  • A “go-getter” who knows how to forge long-term professional relationships in the community
  • A self-starter who knows how to take initiative
  • Someone with strong time management skills
  • A disciplined professional who demonstrates a pattern of meeting deadlines
  • The ability to pay attention to details
  • A team oriented person who can work effectively within a structured business system
  • Persuaders who love the sales process
  • Someone with a warm, friendly, and engaging personality who really enjoys helping others succeed
  • Adequately capitalized at the onset

Does this sound like you? If so, then we encourage you to continue your journey towards possible franchise ownership with Discovery POI Map®!

Why choose Discovery POI MAP?

Discovery POI map is an established brand in the travel and tourism industry. By offering a known product with a recognized brand, you have already mitigated many of the risks associated with a new business. To help ensure the success and growth of your operation, Discovery Poi map® provides the support and assistance you need on an ongoing basis.

  • Qualified, dedicated corporate staff with broad expertise in business operations
  • A proven track record of success
  • Comprehensive training and on-going support in operating your business
  • A reliable industry with strong demand
  • Personal fulfillment and the financial rewards of successful business ownership
  • Independence and flexibility
  • Complete start-up marketing materials package
  • Comprehensive map design and publishing support
  • A Franchisor who strives to maintain the highest standards of quality and brand recognition.

How can I be sure to learn what is needed to manage a successful Discovery POI MAP?

Comprehensive Training—A very important benefit of our franchise offering is our exceptional Discovery POI Training Program. It is designed for new franchise owners and key personnel. It includes training on all topics you will need to run your new map business with confidence and success. Product knowledge, sales skills, customer interaction techniques, business operations, policies, procedures, marketing and promotional techniques are covered in detail. Training takes place in our , headquarters and also in your franchise map territory. In addition, supplemental training is offered on an on-going basis.

Is there anything else I should know before I fill out a profile form and contact Discovery POI?

Yes. Our relationship with all of our franchisees is a partnership built on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. This philosophy permeates everything we do including dealing with our franchise owners, their clients (advertisers), and our very own employees. We are all in this together, striving to create the best lives for our families and ourselves by way of an honest and integrity-driven business relationship.

Your success is important to us! We need you—and you need us. We promise to give you our support in helping your business to succeed. Let us work together. Let us address any problems as professionals. Outside our legal agreements, let’s pledge to deal with each other in an open and honest manner. All the other objectives will follow. By working together the DiscoveryPOI Map® sky is limitless.